Important Information


Please take a moment to read all the information here


Well, as you already know, we are not out of the woods yet and though we don’t have crises at The Redwing we do have situations that require decisions to be made and action to be taken.

We still feel it’s the right thing to do to maintain a distance between tables and to limit the number of guests in the dining area. As the cooler weather and darkening evenings approach this will be more important as we will not be able to leave as many windows open during service. The staff will continue to wear masks

We are still looking for a Commis Chef as a fourth member of our very hard working and professional Kitchen Team and until we find the right person this also hampers our ability to operate in the old way. If you know anyone who might be interested please ask them to give us a call.

Our priority at the moment is to serve the number of customers we can in a safe way and maintain our high standard. So with this in mind we are making a few temporary changes.

  • We are not taking tables of more than 6 and this applies to groups across more than one table, we will honour reservations above this number that we have already taken.
  • We are not taking any function bookings at all even for next year. As circumstances change so will this policy.

Thank you for your understanding. All of the above could change is circumstances do and we will update when this happens.

Best wishes,